How to measure Digital Advertising?

The world is going digital, and everyone is trying to make the best use of it. This is why digital marketing has become pretty important these days.

Well, the final ‘aim’ of every business is growth. Right? There is no doubt about this! Every business wants to increase their bottom line, and the best way to do it is digital marketing.

For digital marketers, it means a lot that their digital marketing advertising is generating positive results. But in the absence of an established plan to measure digital advertising ad campaign results, it is really difficult to tell if the ads are performing well.

Don’t worry! You can always measure how well your digital advertising is doing.

Here are a few ways you can measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising: 

Use Foot Traffic Analysis

One of the best ways to measure the impact of digital marketing is by monitoring foot traffic. Digital ads work really well when it comes to tempting consumers to like your product. But the question is – are your digital ads truly getting them in a position from where they would want to buy stuff? You should understand the direct impact your ad has on people walking into the store. This can be done sing foot traffic analysis.

Commit to a Time Frame

Accountability is the most important aspect of reaching a goal. Whether you have 10 days, 10 weeks, or 10 months, you must include a concrete time frame.

Determining the time frame for your digital advertising campaign goals will help set parameters for comparison when you run marketing metrics reports for month-to-month or year-to-year progress.

Determine Success Factors

Suppose your goal is to earn 10, 00,000 impressions from digital advertising campaigns and drive 20,000 new visitors to the website. These can be regarded as the two excellent digital marketing success factors.

The key to this step is determining a quantifiable result to achieve. These are real numbers that could be based on a pattern of growth.

Keeping a time frame in mind, make sure to determine how long you have to reach this milestone. It can be one month, six months, or 12 months, depending on the effort behind the digital advertising campaign.

Marketing analytics 

If you are someone who aims at perfection, then marketing analytics is the best approach. Apart from helping you to calculate the efficiency of digital advertising, it also helps you know the whole situation of the business itself.

Check out this list of reports for measuring your online advertising based on the data you can get after marketing analytics is established:

  • Reports on revenue and cost for any advertising services that have an API or other integration and can transfer data
  • custom reports that can be built-in Google Analytics
  • dynamic changes
  • CPA affiliate campaign reports
  • ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) report, which includes offline activities and events
  • Reports on the customer conversion path, with all the information on cross-device activity and demographics

These reports help to understand the true value of your advertising campaigns. 

It is pretty crucial that you measure everything about your digital advertising, as it shows how well your business is performing. So, if you have an advertisement campaign running, don’t forget to measure its progress.